Friday, September 17, 2010

Sage Z-Axis - Resurrection

Many may remember this post from last year.  The breaking of the Z-Axis.  I recently realized that I had not posted when the rod was repaired.  Yes, it has been repaired and is once again in my arsenal.

After it broke I gathered up the pieces and sent them in to Sage (along with a check for $50).  They received it, and a few weeks later I received the parts back with a new tip section.  As it was a rod I had built myself, they match it with a new tip for you to wrap.  I really liked the guides I had on that rod, so I decided to salvage them from the broken pieces.

It is fairly simple to remove the guides from a rod.  Just take a razor and carefully slice through the finish and threads close to the blank.  Once you have cut all the way through you can easily pull the remaining thread and finish off the blank.  If you were going to re-finish the blank at this point you would give it a good cleaning and it would be ready to wrap.

Because I had a new tip section I transferred my guide spacing from the broken section over to the new blank.  I wrapped the guides, replaced the tip, and then put the finish on.  After allowing the finish to setup the rod was ready to go.

I have not used the Z-Axis much this season.  The 2 weight I wrapped earlier this year is seeing most the action.  I have had the Z-Axis out a few times though, and it casts as nice as ever.

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