Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bite is On

With all the hot weather we have had the bite seemed like it would never take off. Last week we finally had some cooler weather, so I took an evening and went to the nearby stream.

Usually I catch some Sunfish, Rock Bass, and the occasional small (6" or so) Smallmouth. I had my small stream rod - a 7'3" 2 weight I tied up earlier this year. As is typically the case on this stream, no need for the net. The fish are usually too small.

I started out with a small foam fly I tie up for the smaller fish. Had a few takes, but not much. Then switched to a weighted crawfish imitation. No luck. I then put on the old standby - a Stealth Bomber. Decided to try it in Black. That was the ticket! As it turns out, I wish I would have had the net. If you have ever wrangled in 8-12" Smallmouth cast after cast, on a 2 weight, you know what I mean. No pictures - by the time I would get the fish to hand it was a little too much to wrestle the fish, the 2 weight, and the camera. For about 3 hours every 2-3 casts a smallmouth would take the fly. Cast up into the rocks and watch the take. What a way to spend the evening!

And to think I was debating using my 8 weight for some of my Smallmouth fishing this year...

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