Sunday, September 13, 2009

September Fly Fishing

I made it out twice this week for some Smallmouth fishing. Sorry, no pictures. I have been kind of rough on my small digital cameras. My first went into the water. The latest one quit focusing. I am looking for yet another one. In the interim you will just have to believe me when I discuss my exploits. And hey, I'm a fisherman! I would never stretch the truth...

Elkhorn River

Wednesday after work I went out to the Elkhorn River. We had quite a bit of rain and I was concerned the river may be blown out. When we arrived the water looked high. We found a place we could test out the water and stepped in. As luck would have it, the river was actually not very high. Just very muddy from the rain, making wading difficult. Tripping, however, was rather easy.

With the murky water I should have sunk a fly beneath the surface. But I had a couple taps on the surface, and kept with it. There was not much catching. I did get one Smallmouth to hand, but that was it.

Silver Creek

On Thursday we took off of work early to hit Silver Creek. The plethora of fish made up for the limited catching on the Elkhorn. We caught enough Smallmouth, Rock Bass, and Longear that we lost count.

For most the afternoon we stuck with surface flies. Dahlberg Divers, Poppers, and Hopper patterns were producing well. We fished through two sections of river, the second one chest deep. The fish were holed up in the deep water. While the majority of takes occurred when casting towards the rocks on shore or the grass, we had takes from about anywhere we could put a fly. The Smallmouth were particularly acrobatic, jumping and twisting in the air when hooked. Definitely a lot of fun.

As we were getting ready to head back the bite slowed down. We put droppers under the surface flies and everything picked up again. Using a Crackleback below the surface I caught another bunch of fish as I worked my way back to the truck.

As I removed my waders I made a discovery - apparently my waders have a leak. And not just anywhere - from the water on my jeans it appeared I had, well, wet myself. I know I get pretty distracted when fishing, but I was pretty sure that was not the case here. The leak is right in the crotch of the waders. I will need to get those patched up before going again, at least before going somewhere with a lot of onlookers.

All in all, a good fishing week.

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