Saturday, August 29, 2009

Idaho Vacation

We spent a few days visiting my parents in Idaho. It was a great trip - some eating, some fishing, some driving, and a whole lot of relaxing.

We flew into Salt Lake City, where my parents picked us up. They drove us up to their place outside of Idaho Falls. It did not take long before Rachael was having fun with Grandma and Grandpa. She had talked about riding the 4-wheelers with Grandma for several weeks. They did ride the 4-wheelers, but I think she liked the RTV best.

Grandpa took us to the South Fork of the Snake River to do some fishing. Grandpa tried to buy some worms for Rachael to use, but she informed him: Grandpa, I only fish with Flies! That is my girl. We took the Jet Boat out and anchored near the dam.

Rachael grabbed her pole and started fishing. She was disappointed when she did not catch a fish on the first cast - the Bluegill in Kentucky are spoiling her. It was not long before grandpa had a fish on though, and Rachael reeled it in. We did not tell her there was a worm on the hook.

Afterward Grandpa took us for a short ride in the jet boat. We then dropped the jet boat off and put the drift boat in. Me and Dad spent the afternoon fishing the South Fork. We saw a lot of fish coming up and hitting the fly. I did get this nice cutthroat to the boat.

The next days were spent playing and fishing. Dad, Uncle Roger, and I floated Box Canyon in the drift boat. We caught a lot of fish, all Rainbows. Nothing too big, but the number more than made up for that. I do not have any pictures from that day. It was a beautiful float, one I definitely will put on the list for next time.

Sunday was raining so after church we spent the day at the house. My sister Lorie and her boys were also there so we just relaxed while the cousins played.

All in all a nice, relaxing get away for me. Kristin has some more details and photos on the family blog.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ad Annoyance

Whether on TV, radio, or in print, everyone has those ads that annoy them. For example, ads that use an alarm clock. What advertising agency in their right mind wants to associate a product with a sound that is almost universally despised? And do you really want to buy a product from a company smart enough to hire this ad firm?

To this day I will have nothing to do with Snuggle brand fabric softener. That bear they used on the ads, with its' little giggle, perturbed me one too many times. You know the ads I am referring to. But the ads did make an impression.

This morning as I was driving in I heard a promotion on the radio for a motorcycle. The announcer told me that the feeling I would get when riding this particular bike could not be explained in words. The announcer then went on to explain, in words, that feeling.

No, I will not be going to the dealership to ride the bike. Unless they will let me take an alarm clock and the Snuggle bear to run over...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Recent Happenings

It has been a while since I have updated the blog. I am going through some information overload - between the blog, Facebook, and Twitter sometimes you just wonder how much people really need to know. Is it necessary to know every time I step out for a restroom break?

However, for posterity's sake, I will update the blog. Hey, it is the closest thing I have to a journal. Here are some of the recent happenings.

15th Anniversary

Kristin and I celebrated our 15th anniversary. It has been 15 years since I married the love of my life, and every day I fall more in love with her. Thanks for everything Babe!

We celebrated by flying Kristin's mother to Kentucky to watch Rachael. We went to the Bahamas for five days. It was great! Nothing but sitting on the beach. I could really get used to that - anyone have a house they want to sell on the islands? I did get a slight red tan. Did you know you can get Aloe lotion with Lidocaine? Great stuff, great stuff.


Yes, I have been fly fishing. Not as much as last year due to the rain. The rivers have been blown out much of the time this summer. The three of us have made it over to the lake for Bluegill quite a bit. So far only one Smallmouth Bass trip though. I hope I can get a couple more in this season.

Excuse me while I take a restroom break. I will update Facebook and Twitter when I return.

I did manage to hook a duck the other night. I cast the small (size 16) dry fly out behind the duck. He turned and grabbed the fly. I did not fight him too hard before letting him break off. Of course, had there not been so many folks at the lake, I may have tried to get him airborne. It would have made a much better story.


They put me in one of those leadership positions I had hoped to never have. I hope someone knows what they are doing. Previously, when there was talk of putting me in these positions, I moved the family from Colorado to Kentucky. I am not sure where to move them to now. Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi maybe?


Anyone that knows me probably knows that I am a fan of burgers. If you doubt me, look at my gut. The burger that tops them all is In-N-Out. Hey, after spending two years in Southern California, I am a big fan. Well, I do not think we are going to get an In-N-Out any time soon in Kentucky. However, they did recently open a 5 Guys Burgers. It is not quite In-N-Out, but it is pretty close. The closest thing to it I can get in this part of the country.

That is it for now. I will try leave a little less time between my blog entries. And more time between breaks.