Monday, June 29, 2009

Redneck Auto Interiors

As we were driving home Saturday we witnessed two classic Redneck auto improvement examples. As I did not have a camera with at the time, you will have to imagine the sights.

Sighting #1:

Pulling up next to an early 1980s vintage GMC Sierra the luxurious interior was visible. The dash had a beautiful wood facade. 1/4 inch Red Oak plywood from the looks of it. With cut-outs for all the vents and gauges. And for that little extra touch of class, black wood screws through the top of the panels to attach them to the pickup's dash.

Sighting #2:

A few hundred yards from the previous sighting we passed a small Ford Escort. It was a warm, humid day and the compact apparently did not have factory installed air conditioning, but not to worry. The driver had the windows down. And attached to the roof of the car was a 12v fan hanging between the passenger and drivers seat. With the fan blowing on high it was the envy of all driving by with their windows rolled up.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Big Fish on Cumberland Falls

The problem with your wife having your Blogger password is that sometimes she posts fishing pictures on your blog without your knowing.

At least it's a good fish.