Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cumberland River Float Trip

For a while I have been wanting to float the Cumberland River. I have fished it a few times wading. However, it is a tail water fishery. That means limited wading access. And the river runs high and fast when they are running generators, which is most the time. Floating is the best, and most fun, way to fish a tail water.

We made our way to the river, and parked a vehicle at the take-out point. We then drove back, about a mile on the road, to the put-in point. We unloaded the pontoons, setup the gear, and made our way to the water. It was much higher than the previous trips I have made to the Cumberland. The put-in was about 50 yards closer than when we were at this hole (Creelsboro Natural Bridge) last November. The water covered most the rocks that were visible in this photo from that trip.

Here is a photo of the put-in today. With all the mud, it was obvious the water had been even higher than this recently.

Once situated I rowed out to the current and away I went. The river was running fairly fast, but it was no problem on the pontoon. I packed away the oars and used the fins for most the float.

It was not long before I started getting hits. I tried a lot of different setups, but a size 14-16 nymph seemed to be the key. It did not seem to matter if it was a Prince Nymph, Copper John, or the pink nymphs I tie for Rachael (that is my story, and I am sticking to it). After several hits I got my first fish of the day to the net, the Brown Trout below.

I released the fish and drifted further down the river. The hits kept coming. Along one stretch I hooked the Rainbow below. He did not want to come to the net - he was a fighter!

A few casts later I had another fish on. He was running differently than trout usually do, and I was not sure what I had. I was surprised when a White Bass came to the net.

Those were the only three fish I got to the net. I had another half dozen on, and I lost count of how many hits. It was a great trip.

On the road the put-in and take-out are about 1 mile away. But the river wanders. About 5 1/2 hours after we put in, we reached the take-out point. I was not ready to stop, but it is not good to float past your vehicle when you are on a non-motorized craft. So in we went.

We strapped the pontoons to the truck and headed back up the road to get my vehicle at the put-in.

What a great day fishing. There is something so relaxing about sitting out on the water, fly rod in hand, the current taking you where it will. I am already looking forward to my next trip.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Out-Fished Again

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day. The temperatures were in the mid 80s. So we did what any self-respecting family would do - we went fishing at the lake.

I caught several Bluegill. I even had a camera along. I know, it is small. But it is a fish on a fly, in April.

Not to be outdone, Rachael also caught a Bluegill on a fly. Maybe someday she will teach me her secrets.

Friday, April 24, 2009

No Photo April Fishing

I have made it out fishing a couple times this month, but have not got around to posting anything. And I do not have any photos. I would like to say it is because the fish I have been catching are so massive that it is a physical impossibility to manage both the fish and the camera at the same time. I would like to say that. But the reality is that I have either been skunked, caught small fish that managed to break free before I could take a photo, or I have forgotten the camera at home. As it is close to the end of the month I am getting a little concerned about the Fish-a-Month challenge. I need to get a picture soon!

Last week Kristin, Rachael, and I went over to the lake to fish from the shore. Both Kristin and Rachael out-fished me, catching several Bluegill. The last fish of the evening was taken by Rachael all by herself. It is wonderful to see your 4 year old daughter shouting It's bumpy as she excitedly reels in her fish. She is getting the catching figured out. We are still working on the releasing. Often in an attempt to put the fish back in the water it ends up on the ground at her feet. It is a good thing Bluegill are so resilient.

Yesterday we went over to the lake again. This time the fish cooperated a little better. I caught several Bluegill and a couple Crappie on a small beaded nymph I quickly tied up. Kristin caught the largest fish of the evening, and all of us had a good time. The camera sat at home.

I still have a few more days in the month. Next week I hope to get out on a float trip for some Brown Trout. Hopefully I will have some pictures to post soon.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Today's Topic for Discussion...

If you sneezed on a computer, would it get a virus?