Sunday, March 15, 2009

March Fishing - War Fork and Red River Gorge

After waking up early, I headed out into a cold, rainy day. After meeting up, we went to a new area - War Fork. As we got closer to the destination snow was still on the ground. We finally arrived and suited up in the rain. We walked through the nearby campground, and looked over the river. It is definitely a place I would like to go camping in another month or two.

We setup the fly rods and quickly started fishing. It was not long before the hits began. Small, stocked rainbows were hitting the flies. Most were in the 6 to 8 inch size.

The fish were holding in deep pools, where there was very little current. A nymph floated into these pools seemed to produce results. The rain did not seem to bother the fish in the least.

As I worked further down the stream I hit a narrow section with a deep channel. I floated a nymph through the channel and had a take. This 11 inch Rainbow put up quite a fight, jumping several times. This fish did not want to come to the net. I coaxed her in, took some photos, and then released her back into the stream.

A while later I had another 11 inch Rainbow take the fly. This one did not put up quite the fight the previous one did, but was fun nonetheless. And the coloring was beautiful.

After a few hours we worked our way back to the truck and drove about an hour to the Red River Gorge. There were a couple streams there we wanted to try. The first was at the bottom of the Gorge. We hiked down Rough Trail to the bottom. It was a fitting trail name, as the debris from the recent ice storm had not been cleared, requiring a lot of log jumping to get to the bottom. And the rain was still coming down.

Upon reaching the bottom, we found there was not enough water in the stream for fishing. So back up we went.

We found another location to fish, but the water was running high and fast with the rain. No more fish were to be found.

A new place to fish, and some hiking in a beautiful area. It was a good day.

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