Sunday, March 15, 2009

Fish a Month Challenge

I am sure everyone has been waiting with baited breath (get it - baited?) for a current fishing report. I have been out several times, but have been too lazy to post any updates on the blog.

I am participating in a fish a month challenge. The way it works is every month you catch at least one fish on a fly. A photo of that fish must be posted to the web site for it to count. Totals are kept, and the winner gets the satisfaction of catching fish every month. The losers get the satisfaction of fishing every month. Either way works.

In January I went to the Cumberland River. A Brown Trout was posted for my monthly fish.

February was tough. I went out in the middle of the month and was skunked. Finally, with one day left in the month, I caught a small Shad. It was not pretty, but it was a fish on the fly in February. and the rules do not require a pretty (or large) fish.

On to March. I went out to some trout water I had never been to before. After a slow start, the fish started hitting. I caught half a dozen, and was able to post a photo of a Rainbow Trout.

The tough months are done - I'll post updates as the year progresses.


Kristin said...

Wait - I thought you didn't fish with bait.

Does that mean we were all waiting with dry flying breath? Weird.

modernhillbilly said...

Hmmm... Aren't wives so funny! ;)

Did you sign up on that through SEFF?
I need to do that sometime.
Great lookin shad!

Ryan said...

It was a pretty amazing Shad! I think the fly was larger than the fish!

The challenge is the SEFF one. It gives me a good excuse to get out in the winter months. (I have plenty of excuses to get out in the Spring, Summer, and Fall)