Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentines

Here are my Valentines. Rachael was born 2 days after Valentines day in 2005. She brightens our lives every day, even when she is stubborn. She is a bright young girl, who even tolerates fishing with her father.

Kristin and I went on our first unofficial date on Valentines day in 1994. It was a group outing, yet she still managed to get flowers from me. She was kind enough to share with the others. Four days later was our first official date, and a month later we were engaged. We will have been married 15 years in July, and it just keeps getting better.

Happy Valentines Day girls!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family Vacation Planning

Rachael got a hold of a sheet I brought home from the fly fishing show last weekend. The sheet listed the 2009/2010 fishing destination trips planned by Mad River Outfitters. I can only presume she was anxious to help in the vacation planning, as she circled the trips she was interested in.

Wanting to keep peace in the family, I am willing to acquiesce to Rachael's desires. It appears our 2009 vacation schedule will look something like this:
  • January - Peacock Bass in Brazil
  • February - Bonefish in the Bahamas
  • March - Patagonia
  • April - Steelhead in Michigan
  • July - Alaska
  • August - Montana
  • September - Salmon in Michigan
  • November - Bonefish in the Bahamas
  • January 2010 - Peacock Bass in Brazil
  • February 2010 - Florida
Thanks Rachael. Nice job with the planning.