Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tee Time

I have a confession. I am an Engineer. This means I am wardrobe challenged. By this I do not mean I am lacking in clothes to wear. I simply do not understand the nuances of assembling a proper ensemble. I do not know when a shirt has too many wrinkles to wear. I do not comprehend the difference between Navy Blue and Black. I do not understand why socks must match. And I believe one pair of shoes should be adequate for all occasions (with obvious exceptions for fishing boots).

My wife recently purchased a new tee shirt for me. In spite of my usual apparel apathy I am thrilled with this new acquisition. It appeals to both the Engineer and Fisherman within. It is the ultimate tee. I present the Periodic Table of Fish Lures and Flies.

1 comment:

Lorie said...

That's a Ryan shirt if I ever saw one!