Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cumberland River - January Fishing

It has been too long since I have had a fishing report. So on Saturday I went to the Cumberland River below Wolf Creek Dam. This is the same water I fished (for the first time) in November. Earlier in the month we had a lot of rain here in Kentucky. Since this is a tailwater the ability to fish is heavily dependent on how much water is being released from the dam. With the rain the water level in the reservoir was eight feet higher than it should be. So for about two weeks the water flow from the dam was much to high for fishing. After watching the release schedules, Saturday was about the first day we could wade any of the river.

On Friday the high temperature was in the 50s. On Saturday we were supposed to get into the low 30s. But a little cold should not stop one from enjoying a day in the water. We arrived at the river and suited up. Around 9:00 we were in the water. We focused on a small wadeable area just below the dam. After about an hour and a half I looked up to the shout of Fish On. I watched the guy I was with fighting a fish. The beautiful 19 inch Rainbow was brought to the net. After a couple photos the fish was released back into the water.

We fished the area for another 45 minutes, then headed down to a different (wadeable) access point. The water was much higher than it was in November, but the area was still fishable. I tied on a Chicago Fly with a Copper John below that. A few casts later the line went tight. After an explosive splash on the surface, the fish spit the fly. It was a big fish. I went back through the hole a couple times and had another take. This time I was able to work the Brown to the net. He was not as large as the Rainbow caught earlier, but he still went about 16 inches. I took a couple pictures and then released him, watching the fish slowly swim away.

As the day advanced I kept getting more hits, stopping every few casts to clear ice from the guides. I had a few more fish on, but could not get them to the net. It did not matter. Those two fish made the trip. It does not get much better than this on a cold January day.

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Declan said...

Beauty! Good job gett'n out there. Jealous, yes indeed!