Saturday, January 31, 2009

Today's Topic for Discussion...

Is this going to be an issue?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Today's Photos

As I sit here we are in the midst of an ice storm. Sleet is coming down, and everything is covered in ice. Even with the chaos the ice causes, it is actually rather nice to see the covered landscape.

Here are a few of the close-ups I took today.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cumberland River - January Fishing

It has been too long since I have had a fishing report. So on Saturday I went to the Cumberland River below Wolf Creek Dam. This is the same water I fished (for the first time) in November. Earlier in the month we had a lot of rain here in Kentucky. Since this is a tailwater the ability to fish is heavily dependent on how much water is being released from the dam. With the rain the water level in the reservoir was eight feet higher than it should be. So for about two weeks the water flow from the dam was much to high for fishing. After watching the release schedules, Saturday was about the first day we could wade any of the river.

On Friday the high temperature was in the 50s. On Saturday we were supposed to get into the low 30s. But a little cold should not stop one from enjoying a day in the water. We arrived at the river and suited up. Around 9:00 we were in the water. We focused on a small wadeable area just below the dam. After about an hour and a half I looked up to the shout of Fish On. I watched the guy I was with fighting a fish. The beautiful 19 inch Rainbow was brought to the net. After a couple photos the fish was released back into the water.

We fished the area for another 45 minutes, then headed down to a different (wadeable) access point. The water was much higher than it was in November, but the area was still fishable. I tied on a Chicago Fly with a Copper John below that. A few casts later the line went tight. After an explosive splash on the surface, the fish spit the fly. It was a big fish. I went back through the hole a couple times and had another take. This time I was able to work the Brown to the net. He was not as large as the Rainbow caught earlier, but he still went about 16 inches. I took a couple pictures and then released him, watching the fish slowly swim away.

As the day advanced I kept getting more hits, stopping every few casts to clear ice from the guides. I had a few more fish on, but could not get them to the net. It did not matter. Those two fish made the trip. It does not get much better than this on a cold January day.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I Thought That Only Happened In Cartoons...

As with many of the blogs I follow, I recently have not been able to come up with topics to discuss. I have not been fishing in a while, and vacations are still months out. But occasionally a topic smacks you in the head. Your first thought is that is going on the blog. Your next thought is I wish I had a camera.

Today is a cold, snowy, wet day in Kentucky. On my way into work this morning I stopped to fuel up the truck. While filling the tank I sat inside the warm vehicle, observing the events around me. One particular occurrence caught my attention.

A gentleman was getting out of his car. In his hand was a large cup. He was obviously taking it inside the convenience store to refill. As he stood up, one hand holding the cup, the other on the car door, the cup fell from his grasp onto the asphalt below. It rolled a short distance and stopped. The gentleman bent down to pick it up. In the instant he bent down his pants came loose, dropping to his ankles. He quickly stood up, his legs bared in the cold. All of a sudden, a realization. He had not picked up the cup. So back down he goes, this time retrieving the mug. Standing back up (again), his pants still sat around his ankles. Noticing other folks looking on, he did a quick jig and then pulled up his pants and went inside.

As I drove off the cashier inside the convenience store was wiping away tears of laughter...

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tee Time

I have a confession. I am an Engineer. This means I am wardrobe challenged. By this I do not mean I am lacking in clothes to wear. I simply do not understand the nuances of assembling a proper ensemble. I do not know when a shirt has too many wrinkles to wear. I do not comprehend the difference between Navy Blue and Black. I do not understand why socks must match. And I believe one pair of shoes should be adequate for all occasions (with obvious exceptions for fishing boots).

My wife recently purchased a new tee shirt for me. In spite of my usual apparel apathy I am thrilled with this new acquisition. It appeals to both the Engineer and Fisherman within. It is the ultimate tee. I present the Periodic Table of Fish Lures and Flies.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Precious Princesses

Having received an overabundance of Fancy Nancy dress up clothing for Christmas, Rachael has taken to running around the house, adorned in lace and sparkling items. Of course if I call her Fancy Nancy she simply informs me:

I am only pretending to be Fancy Nancy. I am just Rachael.

The other day Rachael decided we all needed to play dress up. I, luckily, managed to get out of it, even after being told that I would look so handsome with the purple feather boa around my neck. Kristin was unable to escape. I am pretty sure she had a great time nontheless.

I present my girls - Resplendent Rachael and Spiffy Krissy.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcome 2009

2008 is past, 2009 is ahead. I've managed to keep this blog running for over a year now. I will be the first to admit that I am just a bit surprised by this. And if I can get enough fishing trips planned in 2009 (or build a few new fishing rods), the blog may keep on going.

2008 was an interesting year. I have traveled to Asia on business before, but January was my first trip to China. And October was my fifth trip to China. And as I type this entry, I already have tickets on hold for my sixth trip in a few weeks. In April, September and November we managed to get away for some family vacations, including a particularly enjoyable trip to Disney World. And in between all that I managed to get out on the water for some fishing.

I am hoping for a less hectic 2009. Fewer trips to China, and more trips with the family. Maybe throw in a little camping. And I hope to get out fishing as much as I did in 2008.