Tuesday, November 4, 2008


I was packing my fishing gear tonight to get ready for tomorrow. Rachael wanted to know all about my waders as I placed them into the bag. We tried to explain that they are to wear while fishing, when you need to walk in the water.

I want a pair of waders Rachael said.

We explained that she was not big enough. Maybe when she is bigger we will get her some waders.

Let's go to the kids wader store was her reply.

How do you respond to three year old logic?


Lorie said...

I wonder if you can buy pink ones??

Amy said...

Don't princesses usually get what they desire? Get the girl some waders!!

Kristin said...

OK girls - nobody makes ANY pink waders, and I can't find toddler sizes in any waders either.

Looks like a niche market...