Thursday, October 16, 2008

Déjà vu

Déjà vu – Noun - Disagreeable familiarity or sameness

Is it the 25 hours of travel? Maybe it is the smell as I disembark the airplane? Perhaps the joy of the Pu Dong airport baggage claim? Or the life risking 2 hour ride to Suzhou?

Maybe it is the familiarity of the streets as we approach the hotel? Or the lobby staff that recognizes you from previous visits? How about the awareness of precisely where your things belong in the room? Or knowing exactly which 4 television channels are in English?

Perhaps it is the same morning routine that has been repeated time and time again this year? Or the knowledge of exactly how long it will take to catch a Taxi outside the hotel? Maybe it is the feeling that you are just one of the guys at the factory? It may be picking up conversations where they were left off just a few weeks earlier?

Welcome (back) to China.


Kristin said...

Perhaps it's that single parent feeling...

Missing you. Glad this is a short trip.

Chris said...

Are they calling you Zhouryanming yet? Long ride for sure.