Friday, September 12, 2008

Varied Images

Here are some other photos taken during this trip. Enjoy.

These pictures were taken at the hotel. These two are in a courtyard between buildings.

The waters in the courtyard are full of Koi.

This is a picture from the conference room in the factory. The buildings are the dorms many of the workers stay in. It is a nice campus.

This is an area where people go to get away. This is relatively quiet for China – not too many people here.

This Buddha was at one of the gardens. The detail is amazing.

And for your viewing enjoyment, some more signs.

Is this a statement or threat?

I confess, I did not actually peek behind the tea garden to view the hardship.

I wondered where that crisp air went.

And finally, here is a perspicacious word. vi·res·cence – state of becoming somewhat, though usually not totally, green, due to the abnormal presence of chlorophyll.


Kristin said...

Thanks for posting all those pictures! Rachael loved the bridge and all the fish. My favorites are the signs... they have such a clear grasp of the english language.

Kev2380 said...

Wow, that picture with the bridge is amazing.

Kev2380 said...

I look forward to seeing pics from you smallie trip. Are you going to the New River this weekend? I will be at the New by Galax, VA.

Chris said...

So is it just me or is it NEVER sunny there? I'm assuming that's just because of the carncinegenic air you're presently breathing.