Thursday, September 11, 2008

Annals of Automobile Abominations, Part II

There are too many tails to recount in merely one blog entry. So I have broken the account into two parts. Here are more tails of the automotive atrocities encountered.
  1. There is so much traffic in China that you have to make opportunities for yourself. If you need to turn left and traffic is stopped, you just start moving forward. As you move forward cars start to swerve around you. Eventually they can swerve no more and you are blocking a lane of traffic. You repeat this procedure until you are across the three lanes of traffic and turned into the lane you need to be in. This was a daily occurrence leaving the hotel.
  2. We left the factory late one night. As we were nearing the hotel, on what was a relatively quiet drive, a scooter pulled the above mentioned procedure. He pulled out, blocking traffic. It would not have been so bad, except all of a sudden this scooter appeared between two cars, directly in front of us. Our driver slammed the brakes. We stopped with a few inches to spare.
  3. During another drive back to the hotel I looked out the window only to see the hood of an SUV inches from my face. The SUV was honking his horn, obviously not happy with our driver. But our driver remained in front. We drove down the road a bit further, only to have the SUV pass us. The SUV slammed on the brakes, and the driver stuck his head out the window shouting. Our driver stuck his head out the window and shouted back. We are pretty sure he was cussing based on the hand gestures. Our driver then the driver missed a turn and ended up driving down a narrow street. There were vendors on both sides selling various wares. We had to drive through the vendors with cars, bikes, pedestrians, and scooters coming at directly at us. After finally making it through the maze we reached the hotel, only to have a group of people standing in front of the ramp. The driver honked and went right through, scattering people as he went.

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