Saturday, August 16, 2008

Smallmouth Fishing

Last Saturday I went to the stream for a few hours of Smallmouth Bass fishing. The stream did not disappoint!

Usually we fish near the parking area. Saturday we walked up about 1/2 mile to a nearby swimming hole. Other than a few hikers, no one was in the area. I set up the fly rod with a Grasshopper on top with a weighted Woolly Bugger tied about 18 inches below. I purposely chose larger flies that the panfish would not be able to bite, after all I was after Smallmouth, not Bluegill.

As we worked our way back upstream we found several holes. The fish could be seen rolling underneath the water. A pattern developed - make a few casts, hook a Smallmouth and bring it in, then let the hole rest for 5 to 10 minute. After that go back to the bottom of the hole and repeat.

Here are a few of the fish from the day.

A nice size Smallmouth:

Check out the girth on this Rock Bass:

One of the last fish of the day:

And of course, what is a fishing tale without talking of the one that got away? As I was swinging the fly through a hole the rod bent over. The bend was to the handle - there was a big fish on the end. I fought for several minutes, without seeing what was on the end of the line. All of a sudden the fish came up and rolled. It was a nice sized fish. He looked at me and spit the fly out. And I think I heard him laughing as he swam away. I guess I'll have to go back and try for him again.


Chris said...

I received word from the blog police (based in China, of course) that you have exceeded your allotment of fishing-focused entries. You shall therefore be assessed a fine of driving a buick for 1 year.

Kev2380 said...

Be safe in China, nice report on the smallies.