Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gold Aspirations

Anyone who has been awake during the last couple weeks knows that the Olympics are taking place. And in China, no less! It is amazing to watch these athletes compete, the best in the world all together in Beijing.

Well, my time has come! I will be traveling to China to compete in the Factory Endurance Challenge. I feel that the three previous trips this year have prepared me well, and I will not stop short of the Gold.

The preliminaries have already taken place. I successfully booked a trip that includes a hotel switch in the middle. Arrangements have been made to get from the airport to the hotel. And to gain extra difficulty points for my performance a schedule change was thrown in a few days prior to departure. In an impressive show of skill I managed to move all my flights, hotels, and transportation arrangements out by a week. And I still have good seats on the flights.

Once in China I will spend time at two different factories, spending 10 to 17 hours a day standing on the factory floors. I think I can further impress the judges by going for Odd Food points.

Wish me luck in my endeavor. I will document my progress towards the Gold on Perspicacious Words.


Lorie said...

Best of luck! Make us proud! And try to stay away from the coke chugging event....

Chris said...

Sounds like fun, but only after all the tourists leave. So how come you keep going back there? Did you just not manage to complete the tasks correctly the first time and they're sending you back as penance?

Ryan said...

The country just seems to fall apart whenever I leave.