Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fishing Surprise

Last night we went to the nearby lake to do some fishing with the family. Our target was Bluegill as the readily bite and are fun to catch. They are the perfect fish for a 3 year old to cut her teeth on. We worked up and down the same section of bank we usually fish. Other than one guy stepping in the middle and chucking large worms out (and not catching a thing), it was a fun evening.

We worked our way over to a new area we had not fished before. A large school of Bluegill was visible below the water surface. We fished that area for a while, all three of us catching fish. As I cast a little further out I noticed that some of the fish we were bringing in were actually Crappie, not Bluegill. They were small enough to easily mistake for a Bluegill. I remained in this area targeting Crappie, with the occasional move to another area of the lake when I saw Carp feeding. I have this obsession with catching a carp on a fly.

Due to the diminutive size of the fish, we were using small (size 18-22) flies. This made it much easier to hook the fish. I was casting out to a bed of weeds, working the fly over the Crappie. During one retrieve there was a very light take on the fly. The line slowly became taut and I lifted up on the rod. The lightweight rod I was using suddenly bent over and the line started to move side to side.

I kept pressure on the fish and moved myself over to a section of shoreline with less weeds. As the fish approached he did a turn and ran back out, taking the line with him. This happened two more times before I finally brought him into the shallows and landed him. While not the largest Bass I have caught, it was a nice surprise to bring him in from the bank. Especially on such a light rod, and on a tiny dry fly.

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modernhillbilly said...

Sounds like a nice evening. About the only thing I miss from GA. are the farm ponds I used to fish for bass and bluegill. I had a cicuit of about 12 ponds that I rotated through every 2 or so weeks. Carp can be caught on the fly, floro tippet, some size 10 hares ears and pheasant tails, your in business. Carp are super spooky, so watch the false casting and lining them. They are VERY sensitive to our odor, drag the fly through some bank muck and they are much more willing to take it. If you don't get hung up on FF purism, find a dog food you can glue to a hook and floats. Bait the area by throwing the dog food into the water, when carp start feeding, start casting, carefully.