Friday, July 4, 2008

Fishin on the Pond

Last night Kristin let me take the pontoon out on the pond. The weeds had taken over much of the water, but I managed to get a few fish to the net.

I seemed to have the best luck on Bass with a streamer I tied up a few months ago as an experiment. It swims just under the surface, and the Bass seemed to like it.

As I was heading in (I really did intend to be in sooner than I was), the Bluegill started rising all around me. But no one (including me) was hooking any. I tried a couple different flies with no luck. Finally I just watched them for a few minutes and noticed small flies on the surface that they were eating. I found a size 20 midge from my trout box and tied it on. It was just the thing - every cast a Bluegill grabbed the fly. I probably caught around 20 in 15 minutes!

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modernhillbilly said...

Nice! I love bluegill! One of the few things I miss from middle Ga. We have em here, but I can't seem to leave the trout and smallies alone long enough. Looked like a nice evening on the water. Obvious in how you stayed out a "little later than planned".