Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back to our Regularly Scheduled Broadcasts

As the blog has taken a turn from all the fishing talk recently, I decided I better get it back on track. What is with work getting in the way of fishing anyhow?

The family did go fishing last night. We went to the local lake with Rachael to catch a few Bluegill. For a 3 year old, they are the perfect species to hone her skills. We took her Princess fishing pole and tied a foam popper underneath the bobber. I admit, I do not know how to bait fish. But I can catch Bluegill all day long with a fly. So I went with what I knew.

Kristin would cast the pole and hand it to Rachael who would reel in the line. We had to coach her a little to reel it in slowly. She can really make the line move when she wants to! As she reeled the line in Bluegill would grab the popper. She hooked her first fish by herself. Rachael caught several more on her own, and brought in even more that were hooked by Kristin or myself. She had a great time, and managed to stay entertained almost the entire time.

Unfortunately we forgot the camera, so no photos this time.


Lorie said...

welcome home!

modernhillbilly said...

Glad to see you are getting on with the more important things in life. Family & fishin, all the better when you can combine the two!