Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Are We There Yet?

Rachael has finally learned those 4 words all parents dread - Are we there yet? The issue is not so much that she asks the question, but rather when she asks. The first offense typically comes immediately after she is buckled into her car seat. No, the car is not running yet. The second offense makes an appearance about the time the rear wheels are leaving the driveway. And before we have reached the exit to the neighborhood the 3rd and 4th offenses have made their presence known.

Having been an excellent traveler in my youth, this is particularly difficult for me. When I was three years old I was partaking in illuminating discussions on the state of affairs in the nation with my father, broken up with the occasional solving of Fourier Transforms from my seat in the back.


Kristin said...

Don't forget my other new favorite: "But, Mom..."

Lorie said...

Funny...I don't remember any of your insightful conversations during road trips--just a lot of picking on and teasing of your little baby sister.