Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pearl City

On a day off we went to Pearl City in Suzhou. The term city is a bit of a misnomer, it should be called Pearl Two Story Tourist Trap. It is two floors of jewelry stores. The bottom level is mostly pearls, the upper level crystal and jade. But the price is right. The pearls are nice and bargains can be obtained.

As we entered one particular store the ladies instantly recognized a fellow traveler with us. We were quickly whisked away to a back room were we were seated at a table and given drinks. The owner came and sat with us, bringing various items for our inspection. I do not think I want to visit a store in a different country so often that they recognize me and give me that propitious assistance.

Be warned, however, taxis are not in the area. There were some cars outside willing to give you a ride. We were fortunate to have someone with us that spoke Chinese, and negotiated an acceptable arrangement for transport back to the hotel.

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Kristin said...

Kind of a neat building! I'm glad you got to see something else besides the inside of a factory.