Saturday, June 28, 2008

Lost in Translation

It is always interesting to see how things translate in a foreign country. There have been some interesting reading while here in China. A few of my favorites:
  1. Common sign on the highways: Ahead Exit (I never saw a Behind Exit sign)
  2. Another sign observed while traveling down the highway: Avoiding Rear End Collision, Slowing Down (It is good to avoid such things)
  3. You really should not litter: Discarding waste prohibited (What do you do with your waste?)
  4. From a can of Lays potato chips: It is nice to know you are eating Authentic Original Flavor (I would prefer simply Authentic, but you take what you can get over here)
  5. From the same can do not forget to notice the Date of Minimum Durability: 12 Months (Is there a maximum durability?)
  6. Noticed on the socks of a line worker: Flower print with the word Harm (Does the harm come from the flower or the foot?)
  7. A road sign viewed on the way to the airport: Driving When Fatigued Prohibited (I actually agree with this one)
  8. And the final sign viewed: Foul Weather Slow Down (Do they want the foul weather to stick around longer, or just to take more time to get wherever it is going?)

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