Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Ladder of Trust

In a previous entry I discussed safety in China. I had not intended to touch on the subject again, but plans sometimes change. As I was enjoying a ride on a Chinese highway I saw a sight that turned my head. There were three men repairing an overhead highway sign – you know the ones. The post is on the side of the highway, and the sign cantilevers out over the street, so that cars drive directly underneath them. One man was gazing up into the air. The second man was holding onto a rope. The rope went from his hands over the top of the sign where it was tied to a ladder hanging 15 feet above the roadway. The 3rd man was on that hanging ladder repairing the sign.

I hope the guy on that ladder trusts the man holding that rope!


modernhillbilly said...

Wow. And I complain that I sometimes don't get mileage paid when I'm running errands for work.

Lorie said...

you should have taken a picture--i'd like to see that!