Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meanwhile, Back on the Farm...

Hi, it's Kristin. I'm hijacking Ryan's blog so I can post about the garden. We have had lots of rain lately and it's going gangbusters. Now if I could just keep the bugs from eating the broccoli...

View from the deck.

Beans are coming along nicely!

I'll be honest... I can't remeber what this is. It's the box next to the beans!

Tomatoes and peppers... boy am I glad Ryan put the tomato cage up already.

Lettuce and onions. Yummy!

Broccoli... I dusted for bugs right after I took this picure.

Potatoes. Yes I will be covering them with compost.

Cantaloupe. Looking good!

Pumpkins - enthusiastic!

And the corn!

Last but not least the butterfly bush... it only has a few blooms open right now, we'll watch for more.

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