Friday, June 20, 2008


Some of you may remember the 1981 video game Frogger. The concept was that the player, as a frog, attempted to cross a busy street and a stream to arrive safely on the opposite side. To meet your objective you must dodge cars, crocodiles, and other various objects.

We interrupt this blog entry for this interesting side note: The working title for this game was Highway Crossing Frog. Now back to your regularly scheduled blog update.

I have finally witnessed the inspiration for this video game. I envision the creators sitting atop a building in China, observing the streets below. As cars and trucks rush by pedestrians run out into the street. They may make it across one or two lanes before they must stop, in the middle of traffic, while cars speed by on both sides. When there is a little break they dart forward, sideways, or even jump backwards in an attempt to cross the street. Eventually they (hopefully) make it to the other side. From this sight it was a short hop to develop the video game.

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