Saturday, May 17, 2008

But I Went To Sleep...

Kristin has been away for a few days. I have been at home with Rachael. I sure appreciate everything Kristin does for our family, and I really appreciate how good a mother she is!

Rachael is starting to miss Kristin. Kristin will be home late tonight, so I have tried to explain that after we go to sleep tonight, when we wake up Mommy will be home. She seemed to accept that.

After a bit of quiet this afternoon I decided I better check on Rachael. I went up to her room and peeked in. She was laying in bed with the covers over her. She happily looked up at me.

Hi daddy! I am sleeping in my bed so that my mommy can come home!

She will not be home until we go to sleep tonight
I explained.

But daddy, I went to sleep...

How can I argue with that logic?

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