Sunday, April 6, 2008

Fish On!

We went to Savannah Georgia for a few days. I wanted to do some fishing, and it was warm, there. That is a good reason to choose a location, isn't it? So I arranged for a guide to fish for Redfish and off we went.

I have a knack for planning around the weather. There will be a front moving in when I go on a trip. Last year's fishing trip to Key West was affected by a front moving in. This year a front moved in the day I was supposed to go fishing. Along with the rain and wind that accompanies it.

I spoke with the guide and we finally decided the best thing to do was move the fishing to the next morning. We would decide that day if we would stay out all day or part day, as strong winds were expected later in the day.

So at 6:00am we headed out. Through the darkness to the flat we wanted to fish. The tide had just come in and we wanted to fish the flat as the tide receded. As the light appeared over the horizon we immediately saw redfish tailing. Seeing these tails is an incredible experience. The fish come into the flats to forage for food. In many areas they were in as little as 6 to 8 inches of water.

A few casts, nothing. When redfish are tailing their heads are digging food out from the sand. They switch direction often. A fly needs to be cast near them, hopefully in the direction they are going. But too close will spook them. And when sight fishing I still tend to get a little anxious and forget the basics (in other words I flail the rod around in an attempt to look like I know what I'm dong while trying to get the fly anywhere in the water where a fish might grab it).

Poling through the flats we saw more fish tailing and each time cast to them, causing them to scatter. On to another tail. Cast. Strip the line. Strip again. Add a little movement to the fly. Strip again. Add a little movement. Wait - that fish just rolled on the fly - Strip set the hook! The fish heads out and the reel starts to scream. Unfortunately he wraps around some grass on the way out - we watch him head out while we work our way to the grass to free the line. As soon as the line is freed, the reel starts to scream again. He is still on! After a few runs I work him to the boat and bring him in. My first redfish on the fly!

More fish were not to be caught this day. We cast to more tails, but I was unable to entice them to the fly. We went in a few hours later as the wind was coming up.

A great day. Watching tailing fish, birds all around, 80 degree weather, and a fish brought to the boat. Does it get any better that this?

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