Friday, March 28, 2008

Lil' Rachael's Hair Lax

Tonight Kristin and I had a few minutes of silence. Those of you with children know that this is bad. A short time later Rachael came downstairs with something oily in her hair.

Kristin tried asking Rachael what was in her hair. No response was given. This scenario was repeated several times to no avail. Kristin and I went upstairs looking for the cryptic substance. Nothing was amiss.

Kristin decided to attempt a different tactic.

Rachael -your hair is so pretty. Can you show me what you put in your hair so that Mommy can put some in her hair too?

This stratagem had more tangible results. Rachael led Kristin upstairs to her room. She opened her closet door and pulled out a small travel kit we have.

Kristin looked through the kit, but could not find the mysterious matter. Rachael then reached into the kit and pulled out a small box.

Here it is Mommy Rachael proudly stated

As I burst forth with laughter, Kristin opened the box of Baby Laxative. Sure enough, every dropper was empty. Rachael had meticulously placed the contents of each dropper onto her bangs in an attempt to style her hair.

I think it will be the latest rage. Lil' Rachael's Hair Lax - for the stylish young girl on the go!

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