Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Angling Obsession

This time of year I get spring fever. For me that means my thoughts turn to fishing. Constantly. I have tried to curtail this constant obsession with the angling arts by tying flies. Needless to say, this just furthered the fishing delusion that occupies my mind.

Today a co-worker brought a magazine in with an article on fly-fishing for Bass. Living in Kentucky I have started fly fishing for Bass as the opportunity to fish for trout is not plentiful as in the West. The article listed six flies that should be available in the arsenal of all Bass fly fisherman:
  1. Stonefly Nymph - I do not have this one in my arsenal. I will have to tie some of these up.
  2. Woolly Bugger - This is my go-to fly for Bass. I can catch them all day long on a Woolly Bugger with a weighted cone.
  3. Clouser Minnow - I have a variety of these in various colors.
  4. Muddler Minnow - I have some of these, but I never thought to try them for Bass. I will add some to my Bass fly collection.
  5. Popper - Great for top-water action. When a Bass goes after these on the surface it is amazing to watch. I had one charge at it 3 times until he finally grabbed onto it. It was one of the most amazing fly takes I have witnessed!
  6. Grasshopper - I do not have any of these. So I bought the supplies today to tie a few up. I will try these later in the season.
My obsession lives on. It is fortunate that I have a guide booked in two weeks on the coast.

Tight Lines!

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