Saturday, March 1, 2008

All Guzzled Up

Last night was the traditional celebration dinner. It is common in Asia to celebrate completion of major events by going to a restaurant with the whole team. There were about 40 of us all together.

Part of the celebration dinner is the celebration drinking. Now, I do not drink alcohol. At home I typically have Caffeine Free Diet Coke. (I know, why don’t I just have water?) But they only had regular Coke last night. So that is what I had.

As the night wore on the drinking increased. At one point a gentleman challenged a couple of people to drink about a liter of Coke. No one would take him up on it. I do not know what got into me. Maybe it was the relief of going home soon. Maybe it was the interesting food we had. Most likely I was just stupid.

I stood up and took the Coke from him. With about 20 people chanting Ryan…Ryan… I proceeded to drink. And I drank it all. And I suffered for it. For the carbonation. For the caffeine. And for the sugar.

Here it is almost 24 hours later and my stomach still does not feel right. And it was aggravated even more this morning when Mythbusters showed how pouring Coke into a pig’s stomach over doubled the size.

I have weighed the results, and I have learned my lesson…


Kristin said...

Days like this I am just sooo proud to be your wife.

Kristin said...
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Lorie said...

I am proud. It reminds me of the day you taught me and Melissa how to belch. Warm coke is the best, if I remember correctly!