Friday, March 28, 2008

Lil' Rachael's Hair Lax

Tonight Kristin and I had a few minutes of silence. Those of you with children know that this is bad. A short time later Rachael came downstairs with something oily in her hair.

Kristin tried asking Rachael what was in her hair. No response was given. This scenario was repeated several times to no avail. Kristin and I went upstairs looking for the cryptic substance. Nothing was amiss.

Kristin decided to attempt a different tactic.

Rachael -your hair is so pretty. Can you show me what you put in your hair so that Mommy can put some in her hair too?

This stratagem had more tangible results. Rachael led Kristin upstairs to her room. She opened her closet door and pulled out a small travel kit we have.

Kristin looked through the kit, but could not find the mysterious matter. Rachael then reached into the kit and pulled out a small box.

Here it is Mommy Rachael proudly stated

As I burst forth with laughter, Kristin opened the box of Baby Laxative. Sure enough, every dropper was empty. Rachael had meticulously placed the contents of each dropper onto her bangs in an attempt to style her hair.

I think it will be the latest rage. Lil' Rachael's Hair Lax - for the stylish young girl on the go!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone. We had our Egg hunt Saturday with Rachael. Here are some photos of the event.

Here is Rachael coloring Easter Eggs:

Playing Hide-n-seek with the balloons:

Having a good time eating candy. Nice chocolate mouth and eye!

Hunting for Easter Eggs:

All done:

Friday, March 21, 2008

One in Five

Did you know that one in five people are Chinese?

There are five people in my family. I wonder which one is Chinese?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Angling Obsession

This time of year I get spring fever. For me that means my thoughts turn to fishing. Constantly. I have tried to curtail this constant obsession with the angling arts by tying flies. Needless to say, this just furthered the fishing delusion that occupies my mind.

Today a co-worker brought a magazine in with an article on fly-fishing for Bass. Living in Kentucky I have started fly fishing for Bass as the opportunity to fish for trout is not plentiful as in the West. The article listed six flies that should be available in the arsenal of all Bass fly fisherman:
  1. Stonefly Nymph - I do not have this one in my arsenal. I will have to tie some of these up.
  2. Woolly Bugger - This is my go-to fly for Bass. I can catch them all day long on a Woolly Bugger with a weighted cone.
  3. Clouser Minnow - I have a variety of these in various colors.
  4. Muddler Minnow - I have some of these, but I never thought to try them for Bass. I will add some to my Bass fly collection.
  5. Popper - Great for top-water action. When a Bass goes after these on the surface it is amazing to watch. I had one charge at it 3 times until he finally grabbed onto it. It was one of the most amazing fly takes I have witnessed!
  6. Grasshopper - I do not have any of these. So I bought the supplies today to tie a few up. I will try these later in the season.
My obsession lives on. It is fortunate that I have a guide booked in two weeks on the coast.

Tight Lines!

Today's Topic for Discussion

Do fish get cramps after eating?

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Fly Fishing on the Web

I have added a new link to my Favorite Sites - (Fly fishing on the Web). It is a new site that is trying to become the World's Best Fly Fishing Website. What makes it different than some of the other sites I frequent is the thought these guys have put into the site. It is more than just forums and has real potential. When the site was first posted they already had podcasts available on iTunes, and their fly tying videos (although small in number) are some of the best I've seen. I have been assured that they are working on getting more videos edited and posted.

So take a look - the forums are starting to become more active, and folks are starting to post photos. Hopefully there will be something soon there for all Fly Fishing aficionados.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Today's Photos

The birds are starting to return to the yard. I have a fascination with Cardinals, probably because we did not have them growing up in the West. Here are a few recent shots.

Male Cardinal sitting in the trees:

Female Cardinal sitting in the trees:

Female Cardinal flying:

Vacation Planning- Fish On!

Now that I'm back from China for the second time this year (yes, I have spent as much time in China as in the USA in 2008), I am ready for a vacation. My wonderful wife has allowed me to pick where I want to go.

We are going to Savannah, Georgia the first week in April. What is in Savannah? I'm not really sure. But I have booked a fishing guide so I can go flyfishing on the flats for Redfish. Last year we went for Tarpon and Bonefish in Key West, and I decided I really enjoyed flyfishing in the flats. I have never fished for Redfish before - it should be a fun trip.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Today's Topic for Discussion

Have you ever imagined a world with no hypothetical situations?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Diverse Hallucinations

Yes – hallucinations. At one point I asked someone what day it was. They said it was Wednesday, and that I had already asked twice. What a trip it was. But from a crisis the team, both in China and USA, pulled through and accomplished the goal on time.

Whilst much of the trip is a blur, there were some fun times. Making the coworker who had never been to Asia sit in the front seat of the cab. Dinner with friends. Meeting new faces and working with new people. And attempting to sleep on the plane while flying home. I don’t think I have ever looked forward to a 14 hour flight this much.

The food was an adventure of a different sort. We ate very little Asian cuisine, a new experience for me. The team preferred western food, although a few did try the chicken flavored potato chips. It is fascinating how a restaurant in China can be so similar to that same restaurant in the US, yet different. And it was an adventure locating all those locations where the team was willing to eat.

Of course there was the obligatory celebration dinner when all was through. That is always an adventure. And the travel back into Shanghai the day before I left to be closer to the airport.

I was able to take time to see some museums in Shanghai. It is awe inspiring to see items that came into existence so many years ago. The intricate designs created so long ago are fascinating to view.

It is good to experience, but it is also good to be home. I am looking forward to a much longer span between this trip and my next trip to China.

And I am ready for a vacation…

Saturday, March 1, 2008

All Guzzled Up

Last night was the traditional celebration dinner. It is common in Asia to celebrate completion of major events by going to a restaurant with the whole team. There were about 40 of us all together.

Part of the celebration dinner is the celebration drinking. Now, I do not drink alcohol. At home I typically have Caffeine Free Diet Coke. (I know, why don’t I just have water?) But they only had regular Coke last night. So that is what I had.

As the night wore on the drinking increased. At one point a gentleman challenged a couple of people to drink about a liter of Coke. No one would take him up on it. I do not know what got into me. Maybe it was the relief of going home soon. Maybe it was the interesting food we had. Most likely I was just stupid.

I stood up and took the Coke from him. With about 20 people chanting Ryan…Ryan… I proceeded to drink. And I drank it all. And I suffered for it. For the carbonation. For the caffeine. And for the sugar.

Here it is almost 24 hours later and my stomach still does not feel right. And it was aggravated even more this morning when Mythbusters showed how pouring Coke into a pig’s stomach over doubled the size.

I have weighed the results, and I have learned my lesson…