Sunday, February 3, 2008


Skunked - A term used to describe a day of fishing without actually catching fish.

That is what I was taught growing up. But did you know that Skunk also refers to a particularly odoriferous animal? Belle (our Yellow Lab) made this discovery last night.

We were sitting in the living room, Belle was outside. All of a sudden Kristin and I both detected a repulsive stench. Belle was nowhere to be seen. Shortly thereafter she appeared at the door.

We figured if there was a skunk outside, we should probably let Belle inside the house so that she does not get in trouble. This makes sense, right? WRONG!! Turns out, she had already investigated the pungent beast.

Did you know that skunks have a very different smell when fresh? That scent that impregnates the air when driving by a skunk on the side of the road is downright flowery compared to the putrid aroma that now permeates Belle and the house.

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