Saturday, February 16, 2008

Plethora of Pink

Today is Rachael's third birthday. With only one child, and that child being a girl, we have an overabundance of pink impedimenta. Often this superabundance hinders my manly character.

Many may feel that I exaggerate my plight. I will allow you to extract the authenticity of my claims.

This morning when Rachael awoke I took her downstairs to savor the joy of a wooden train set. She enjoyed playing with it. I am so proud! But wait - are those pink Disney Princess pajamas? Could this be a harbinger of things to come?No - I am getting carried away. After all, she is a girl. She should have some pink. I made her a hearty breakfast of artery clogging bacon and eggs, dismissing the thought.

Later we went to the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati. Here is Kristin and Rachael walking towards the water. Could that be a pink Disney Princess jacket she is wearing?

After our voyage through the Newport Aquarium we took Rachael to Build a Bear. She picked out the bear she wanted. What color do you think she selected?
She found the bear a nice princess dress and named her Cinderella.

Back to the house. After cake and ice cream we opened presents. Is that pink Disney Princess wrapping paper I see?

....and yet another Disney Princess movie?

Well we are almost done. Let's open the presents from Mom and Dad. What a pretty pink blanket. Oh, no - are those Disney Princesses on that blanket?

Finally the last present. What could it be? How fun! A pink Disney Princess Dance Pad! With vexatious dance instruction DVD included.

In the interest of full disclosure I must confess, for I have sinned the manly sin. I did buy Rachael a pair of (minimally pink) Disney Princess shoes for her birthday - is there a support group for this?


Kristin said...

Don't forget the pink Princess Christmas tree last Christmas.

Kristin said...

You should see your Google ads now that you blogged all about pink princesses.