Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gettin' Hitched!

We have come across the superlative wedding guide. Those of us in Kentucky feel downright warm hearted as we observe these intimate affairs. For those blessed with 500 channels of nothingness, turn your attentions to CMT. That's right, CMT. This is a station that I would typically avoid at all costs. But no more, I have found the reason for its' existence.

Set your DVRs to record My Big Redneck Wedding. From the CMT website:

CMT gives a whole new meaning to for better or for worse. After scouring the country to find the most down-home country couples, CMT documents their journey down the aisle, as outrageous and over the top as it might be. Each episode, hosted by Tom Arnold, will feature a different redneck wedding, each with its own rustic eccentricities, whether it is a four-legged best man, a romantic beer can canopy, a celebratory shotgun salute or a reception filled with mattress surfing and mud wrestling.

It is a touching look into the fragile lives of the sweet bride and groom as they prepare for and celebrate their nuptials. From the lively bachelor party (where apparently you celebrate by shooting each other with fireworks) to the heartwarming vestment selection at the Wal-Mart (did you know that Camo is this year's black?) the show will move all who watch.

I'll let you decide where it moves you too...

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Chris said...

And who says there's nothing to watch on TV these days?!