Sunday, January 13, 2008

Weekend in China

I have been here for a week, and I finally had a chance to go see something. We went to Zhouzhuang, a small village built on a waterway in 1086. I am fascinated by things and places that old. I am also fascinated that they managed to take every square inch and turn it into shops or restaurants. I wonder if any of the wares were made in Mexico?

I did take a few photos. Click the photo to see the full size version.

Here is proof that I really am in China (or at EPCOT center in Florida). This was the entrance to the village - where you show that you paid to get in.
This was just inside the entrance. Nice, colorful flowers. Of course it was very cold and drizzling. All the flowers were in plastic pots. (I did not know they had plastic pots in 1086)
I did not find the Fishery and Fishermen's Songs. Are Fishermen's Songs like Fishermen's Stories?
Oh, no! Lunch is running away!
I guess we'll have "fresh" fish instead. Notice the delicious fish "resting" on the bottom.
After lunch we went on a boat ride through the waterways. The elderly woman rowed and sang to us as we journeyed to our destination, the shops on the other side of the village.


Kristin said...

Looks like fun! Maybe you should see if the boat lady wants to come home with you and push your pontoon around Lake Reba.

Fishermans songs are probably all made up, just like the theory that there are fish in Idaho.

Speaking of fish, how was that tasty morsel for lunch???

Ryan said...

Worst Lunch Ever!