Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Safety First?

We live in a safe country. We have lawyers that ensure we label everything in every possible way to protect us from ourselves.

In China the rules seem to be different. While riding in a cab one morning (a safety violation in itself) I observed two men working on overhead wires. They had a ladder leaning up against the wires, with one man on the ladder. Through years of Public Service Announcements I have been conditioned that you do not touch overhead wires with a ladder. I have never put this conditioning to the test.

Another example is chicken bones. I have been taught that chicken bones can shatter and should not be eaten. However, it is quite common for chicken in Asia to have the bones in it. And yes, you do eat them (Notice I typed you, not me). The same applies to fish bones.

If I have been taught so many erroneous items, I have to wonder what other (mis)information our heads have been filled with. Perhaps I will take a run with scissors while I ponder this.

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Kristin said...

Maybe Stop, Drop, and Roll is a myth, too.

And I'll bet there is absolutely nothing that is known to the country of China to cause cancer.